Bears and as with them to struggle (ciaaou the layman)

Bears and as with them to struggle (ciaaou the layman)

Everyone who is sent in travel across Kamchatka, danger of a meeting with clumsy excites. How itself to conduct in that case? How to protect itself and the satellites?

Before a campaign we had heard plenty of any advice and read the most different information which except for inflation of nerves a little than has helped. Fortunately, in any sense to us has carried, and bears we saw all three times (how many time bears saw us, I do not know, but I think, that is greater). And it that our route passed through Kuril lake, the most bear place on Kamchatka! And tourists who were here earlier, and the inspector, and all promised to us to meet bears several times in day, but... The destiny has disposed in own way. So brag of own experience of protection against bears we cannot. But from conversations with people which are familiar with clumsy not on tales, and it is the inspector of reserve and conductors, we have made own opinion on this account.

As we have understood, than the meeting with a bear will end, on 99 % depends only on you. That to do it is not necessary at all:

To appear on a unique way of a bear to deviation: if it has no place to leave, to it remain nothing, except for as a misfortune. To appear between the she-bear and bear cubs - an attack is inevitable! In general, a meeting with mummy - the most dangerous case. To fish on a kind at a bear. In fact this HIS fish! It will by all means come behind it. And absolutely does not suit anywhere to drag off extraction at a bear!

To arrange camp on the bear track. If it will have no place to bypass it, it can become angry... To leave around of tent food waste products and dust such as jars from under sweet milk or pork is can involve a bear, the big fan to regale nahaljavu. But the latest business - specially it to feed up, then it will precisely keep abreast! Firstly can seem quite good idea before departure to dream to kindle a huge fire that bears were afraid to approach to tent. Erroneous opinion! The smoke, more likely, on the contrary, will involve the uninvited visitor: in fact the fire - means tourists, parking, the rests of food - an iron logic chain which bears have acquired for many years. Besides come across poeticheski the adjusted individuals which simply are pleasant to admire on fire... How it is necessary to behave at a meeting with a bear?

To keep calmness.

At all it is not necessary to turn to a predator a back and to escape. If you escape, means you it is necessary to catch up! And catch up a bear the horse can even...
In most cases the bear simply will rise in all growth, will look at you, and will go home. It tries to not touch the person.

What to do, if the bear does not leave? Even if it is not going to attack, the pure curiosity inherent all clumsy can involve it in you.

Bears are afraid of essences, big on the size, than they (and the main thing - is higher). Climb each other on shoulders, fling open jackets, raincoats, lift above heads of an oar, staffs, ski a stick, a gun, fasten on them helmets, caps, Panama, swing all it, loudly shout, knock on kettles, flasks. Repeatedly heard, that it helps: sometimes simply enough to lift above a head a stick, holding its both hands, and confidently to make a step aside a bear (if to spirit will suffice). Sometimes - is not present... The Bear can be frightened strongly if to make something for him unexpected. Read the story of one hiver which has crept to a bear alee when that ruined a beehive, and has loudly slapped at him behind a back. Having made the big heap, clumsy it was started up ... To tell the truth, for the traveller to see a bear so, that it will not notice you - a rarity and then it is better to bypass quietly it, from a sin far away.. .. If you will collide a bear unexpectedly for b! oth it is not known still who will more strongly be frightened. Some cases when the bear died from a fright (having dug hearts) heard even. But it is better to not hope for it, even if at you strong nerves.

If helps nothing, the bear does not leave, and starts to growl, dig claws the ground, to do attacks in your party - means, it prepares for an attack. And if has risen on hinder legs and has gone on you... Here all means are good:

Seldom what tourist goes with a gun, but nevertheless if it is - it is necessary to shoot. In air, certainly. I personally instead of a gun have counted sufficient to be reserved by self-made petards - to noise they make even more, and weigh it is much less. And went ahead: in one hand - a petard, in another - match boxes. It is not confident, that would not drop both that and another at a meeting, but it was necessary to accept though any measures. To tell the truth, speak, not all (or not always) bears are afraid of a shot... It is necessary to have iron nerves to admit to itself of a huge predator on 5 meters - a distance of action of a gas bag. Besides, it is necessary, that the wind blew not in your party (and you will manage to estimate a direction of a wind in such situation?) . Igor, the inspector from Kuril lake, has told a case when on road on which it went together with the American, it is direct before them the she-bear has unexpectedly jumped out and there and t! hen began to dig claws the ground. The wind was not in their advantage... More shortly, in a second all three sat on road and wiped eyes . Fortunately, having come to, the she-bear has preferred to leave.

Nevertheless, many count " GRIZLY TOUGHT ATTACK SPRAY " one of the most reliable means of protection against bears. But it it is necessary to manage still somewhere to get: in fact make it in the USA, and at us it is not sold.

One of the most popular means - falshfejery (who does not know: these are such smoke or light checkers, submariners, climbers, geologists, cave explorers and so forth both for submission of signals use them, and for illumination - they are different. Frequently at cinema climbers light such piece, and from it brings down the orange smoke well appreciable from apart. Or skin-divers dive into a underwater cave with such checker in a hand to illuminate to themselves a way). Falshfejery are convenient that it is not necessary to set fire to them, it is enough to pull a cord , besides they burn even under water. To tell the truth, on my question: " Helps? " All answered me: " Never it was necessary... ". I think, too not any bear can be frightened off it. To get hold falshfejery sometimes it is possible on a place at geologists, inspectors, conductors - where it is necessary, but on their sale too it does not happen. And what to do, if anything near at hand is not present, and th! e bear is going to attack?

Throw to it a backpack on worry and run up to the nearest tree on which can scramble. The KAMCHATKA BEARS DO NOT SWARM UP TREES! Only small bear cubs, and that are unimportant. Most likely, it speaks that here not so is a lot of trees which could sustain weight of such ink and to what him it. And here to you any birch (which too is not everywhere) can appear very opportunely. If trees are not present, it is necessary to escape only, throwing behind itself all things is it successively will detain, even if it will not find there anything eatable will stop to sniff.

Probably, all heard history about the accordion player who was coming back from wedding late on night through a wood: having met a bear, it till the morning played to it on an accordion, and the bear has not touched it, and sat and listened, while it was frightened off with taking place people. Very few people trusts in similar tales, but there are also other certificates of natural draft clumsy to music. For example, desperate traveller Marina Galkina writes in " the Free wind " how she distracted a bear from terrible intentions by songs and even singing. I for what would not advise to hope for the musical abilities at a meeting with a predator (probably because at me they are not present) but so it is possible to involve and detain it more likely than to frighten off.

So, I shall be repeated, the outcome of a meeting on 99 % depends on you. A bear - a predator serious. On Kamchatka it quite reasonably feels like the owner. And the tourist - always the visitor, in general uninvited. It is necessary to remember all time it and to behave accordingly. And nevertheless there is 1 more %... The Bear - an essence especially individual, it to predict behaviour is impossible. As well as among people, among them come across fools with inadequate mentality. That from such to wait, it is not known. And vital situations not always develop in your advantage...

But not so it is terrible features as it paint. Actually, tragical cases can be re-read on fingers. First of all to you will necessarily tell the history which has done to noise with the known Japanese photographer-animal painter whom the bear has pulled out from tent and has gobbled up (just on Kuril lake). If you ask to result and other examples far from being any story-teller can make it.


It is necessary to tell about one danger. If you leave in a radial output, leaving camp without supervision during your absence to you the bear can quite visit. In searches of eatable it is capable to break off backpacks, tents, sleeping bags, more shortly, to deprive with you absolutely not only provisions, but also vital equipment! If there is no opportunity to leave a thing in any house they are better for suspending above on a tree. However and it not the panacea - can become interested in your belongings a glutton, too a large and dangerous predator, besides very clever and artful. To climb up a tree for it not a problem. In before last year, probably, from its paws tourists in area kaldery Uzon have suffered: having suspended things on a tree, they have left for three days in a radial output. Having returned, have found out only the scraps scattered in radius five hundred of meters. And there the catamaran on which they were going to be alloyed the rest of a route was.!