For the first time on Kamchatka

For the first time on Kamchatka

It is a lot of years we dreamed to visit on Kamchatka. Heard about this surprising ground much, saw on the TV, friends were there on expeditions. But all in any way was not possible. The main obstacle was uncertainty: as there all is arranged where to find a lodging for the night, transport, a conductor on a route, equipment... It in fact not Europe where always it is possible to buy or lease that has forgotten houses to choose hotel or the machine on hire. But so happened, that to us has carried to find on Kamchatka remarkable people and to make the most remembered travel to lives. Now we would like to share with you the experience and to help everyone who dreams to see the eyes the active volcanoes, gushing forth geysers, flights a salmon, wild bears, to be expiated in hot sources and cold Pacific ocean on the most east surburb of Russia.

So, it is a little about our fears and stereotypes about Kamchatka.

The deserted edge. We thought, that owing to remoteness on Kamchatka tourist service is poorly advanced. In understanding of service of beach hotels of Turkey, Egypt, Spain and other near countries to us, in Petropavlovsk we really have not found out it. But other service - that we for ourselves have named "sports tourism without a category " is well advanced. Here there is everything, that is necessary for campaigns on volcanos, fishings, hunting, ski routes and sea walks. It first of all "correct" transport: machines for transportation of people and equipments, cross-country vehicles, helicopters. In the second, this equipment: from cats and ledorubs for an ascention on snow tops, up to rafts and rafts for an alloy on the rivers. In the third, people. Conductors or guides who about ten years drive across Kamchatka groups foreign tourists, cooks who can be taken with itself, and even "sherps" for fans of mountain walks nalegke.

A necessary level of personal preparation. Fears about necessity to drag on themselves heavy backpack on mountain routes did not give rest as last time the serious backpack put on itself about 10-15 years ago. Appeared, that here everyone can choose for itself (himself) that level of complexity and loading which would be desirable. If the purpose - to check up, on what you are still capable, it is possible to choose completely an independent fortnight route on volcanoes. That is, all on itself. We just such also have chosen for a man's part of the company. Other extreme measure - to reach to base camps at the basis of the same volcanos by the helicopter and to make one-day radial ascentions or simply walks on a remarkable valley between tops. We saw groups of foreigners in which together with students pensioners were quite vigorously looked also.

An opportunity of joining on a route of people arriving to Petropavlovsk at various times. Really, not everyone can escape from work for 2-3 weeks and at a time. And to come back to Petropavlovsk all from the middle of a route for the sake of a meeting several the person is a loss of precious time and superfluous charges. Such problem was at us as the female part of a command arrived later on easier on physical activities a part of a route. Them have met at the airport, have placed for the night, have helped with equipment and have delivered for 500 km from Petropavlovsk precisely in time and in a preconcerted place.

The price of pleasure. Originally we have requested the prices of routes on the Internet at tourist firms of Moscow and Petropavlovsk. Figures have turned out so far from usual charges on holiday, that the dream seem unattainable. Most likely, such sums are designed for rich foreigners and not less rich ours. Really we managed to cut expenses in times, as we suggest to make to the interested visitors of our site.

On what it is not necessary to save:
The guide. It is a lot of reasons for that.

Without the guide we would not see many remarkable things for the sake of which, as a matter of fact, and have arrived to Kamchatka. Beautiful canyons, falls, specific platforms - all this is latent by folds of a relief. And if you do not know for certain, most likely, you will pass past, not having noticed. The same concerns also curative plants, wild animals and birds, fish places, hot sources and other remarkable moments of travel.

A choice of a way of movement. It is dear or obvious tracks on a route are not present. It is necessary to be mistaken a little, and you rest against almost impassable sites: canyons, the stone rivers, thrickets of a bush, differences of heights. Some obstacles in general are impassable without serious sports preparation. In result almost for certain you will lose precious time, you will spend forces and mood. The guide will choose an optimum route and the rate corresponding to physical standards of all group.

Safety. Unostentatious, but necessary instructing was present always. What for are necessary ski a stick at walking on foot? How to keep at transition of the mountain rivers? How to be insured on snow and ice slopes? What to do at a meeting with a bear? Why it is impossible to leave the rests of food on parking? How faster to prepare for a meal? Tens such recommendations which have been checked up by a long-term operational experience with tourists, will make your travel safe and pleasant.

Organizational questions. You have arrived to have a rest. If thus you on a place will be independently engaged in the order of transport, equipment, a lodging for the night, a feed and the decision of other similar questions will lose both nerves, and time, and money. Much more cheaply, fastly and more effectively when this work is carried out by the guide knowing all contractors personally.

A route. We not so frequently are on Kamchatka to not see its brightest sights: Kljuchevsky group of volcanos, the Valley of Geysers, spawning of salmon fishes, hot sources. Try to see all this, will not regret!

Equipment. The torn boots, absence of a raincoat or a mosquito net can seriously impair a little to you memoirs on travel. Listen to our recommendations on equipment to not load itself useless things, but also to not forget necessary.

A feed. Skilled tourists hardly will find something new on this theme, and for the rest we shall help to facilitate backpacks without damage to a diet.

And what route has been chosen in result?

Initial conditions were such: men wanted itself to check up, pass on volcanos with backpacks, and had for 3 weeks on all travel. Women have released only for 2 weeks, thus dragging of backpacks at all did not seduce them. Despite of all doubts, we have stopped on the fullest variant which could be contained in available terms of holiday. First - tracking on volcanos in area of Klyuchevskaya Sopka in structure of a man's part of a command (two plus the guide). Approximately in a week to Petropavlovsk Kamchatka women arrive (too two), reach by the machine to a place of the termination of a route in area Kljuchevskoj. In fact it is impossible to leave from Kamchatka, not having looked on these volcanos! There the group already from 4 person plus the guide examines Northern breaks in a radial output and goes on the second stage - an alloy on the river Fast. On crossings and an alloy there leave 4 more days. The third stage - near to Petropavlovsk Kamchatka. Helicopter excursion ! in the Valley of Geysers, departures volcanos Mutnovsky and Burnt, visiting of hot sources! And walk on coast of Pacific ocean. Plus obligatory spare days on a case of a bad weather.

So, the first stage. It about 400 km. To the north from Petropavlovska-Kamchatka. As at the last minute the structure of participants on this stage has shivered with 4 person up to two we have a little changed a route: have started from mountain the Hoof, finished at Northern breaks. Usually go in the opposite direction (a route ? 2). But it has allowed to reach a place of start on a jeep instead of more massive machine (to Northern breaks on a jeep was to not pass). Thus have a little saved on transport charges. With weather has very much carried, because of a fog have lost only one day, and due to compactness of group, and also as appeared, quite decent physical standards - have kept within 9 days instead of 13.

Crossings from Petropavlovsk and on an alloy borrow a minimum on one day. In the description of routes usually specify for two days. As asphalt comes to an end in 100 km from Petropavlovsk, even the basic line - dusty and jolty.

About taiga roads - a separate song. Places, really, it is easier to go, than to go.

The alloy with fishing was carried by as dream. Even the evening midge and morning traces of stay of bears around of tents have not spoiled magnificence of the river. A unique deposit - a unusual kind of natural process of dying salmon after a throwing of caviar. It is a lot of dead fish both at the bottom of the river, and along coast. Unusually it.

A valley of Geysers, Uzon, near volcanos and hot sources cost the separate story.

I hope, time about it will write. And at you - time and an opportunity all this to see.