Planning the route

Planning a route

Time of travel

The mountain riverFor years travel the season begins in July and comes to an end at the end of September. Water routes can be planned since June, but June and September for water routes can appear not comfortable (coldly). In June water still muddy, and the fish is caught worse. For mountain and foot routes September good time as weather can be more cool, but steadier. At this time on Kamchatka usually weather of anticyclonic type - it is clear, windless, without deposits. In September any more there will be no problems with a midge and mosquitoes, they disappear after the first frosts.

Duration of travel

If this first visiting of Kamchatka duration of travel should not be less than two - three weeks. At this time it is possible to group two - three stages in the most interesting places of Kamchatka. We recommend obligatory visiting the Valley of Geysers, tracking on Kljuchevsky to group of volcanos, an alloy with fishing, volcanos Mutnovsky and Burnt.


Time of decision-making

The decision on years travel should be accepted in the spring and with exact dates of trip. There can be difficulties, both with tickets, and with the decision of organizational questions on Kamchatka later. Recently Kamchatka as object of sports, adventure, ecological tourism is rather popular in foreign tourists. Every year the quantity and the Russian tourists tired of boring lying on the Spanish and turkish beaches grows. Therefore, despite of increase in number of flights at Kamchatka, during a season of holidays sharp deficiency of tickets is observed. For the same reasons transport, residing, work of conductors is planned beforehand, and during a season to find a good conductor, good transport or rafts - it is almost impossible.

Detailed elaboration of a route

The device of campIf details of a route have not been determined before decision-making on travel we can discuss them with you before flying away to Kamchatka. It will be possible to look cards of routes, photos and films, to discuss a feed on a route, clothes and equipment, and also other questions.

Unforeseen circumstances

As travel is planned beforehand and for long term can happen, that someone from members of group will refuse trip. Then cost for those who goes, can increase, as payment of transport and the guide does not depend on quantity of participants. At the same time, the guide will undertake utmost for reduction of cost (for example, replacement of the big transport on smaller that is cheaper).


The special equipment is required only for an ascention on volcanos Klyuchevskaya Sopka, Krestovsky, Ushkovsky, Oval Zimin, Sharp Tolbachik and Koryak. Practically on all routes are necessarily necessary: special boots , a wind-shelter jacket, pair sweaters, the raincoat is desirable rain. With recommendations we shall send the detailed list to everyone.

The list of recommended equipment

1. A backpack + the polyethylene loose leaf inside for things.
2. A sleeping bag + Small carpet which isolates heat.
3. Tent (one for a two).
4. Personal utensils (a mug, a bowl, the spoon)
5. Subjects of personal hygiene.
6. A small lamp (better small which fastens to a forehead)
7. Glasses sun-protection.
8. A flask for water.
9. A mosquito net + means from mosquitoes.

1. Suit which protects from a moisture and a wind.
2. A warm jacket (flis, a wool).
3. Warm trousers (flis, a wool).
4. Underwear (thin flis, a wool mixture, etc.)
5. A cap for cold weather ( woolen)
6. A hat from the sun.
7. Warm gloves.
8. Socks: thin - 2 pairs, warm - 2 pairs (are optimum a wool with synthetics as rub legs less).
9. A raincoat-cape closing the person together with a backpack.
10. The warmed waistcoat is very convenient.
11. Spare the sweater and trousers to change clothes if will get wet.

1. Special boots (it is desirable Gore-tex or well impregnated leather).
2. Easy Sports footwear for walking in camp and during crossings.

On some routes it is necessary to pass through small rivers. It is the best way to go in high rubber boots as the majority of guides on Kamchatka goes, but without skill it is uneasy.
Sometimes tourists instead of easy sports footwear take sandals and to them go in camp and pass through small rivers. It is not absolutely convenient, as the rivers fast and cold, but in part the problem is solved. If will consider necessary, buy rubber footwear on Kamchatka.

For an ascention on volcanos Klyuchevskaya Sopka, the Stone, Ushkovsky, Krestovsky it is in addition necessary to have: 1. Clothes: spare gloves , a warm jacket, warm trousers (it is desirable "self-dumps"). 2. Footwear: the size should be chosen counting upon a thick insole and additional socks. "Small lamps" are necessary for movement on a deep snow (footwear ). 3. Special equipment: a helmet, cats, ledorub, the trigger safety device, easy besedka, 4 carbines (one of them with muftoj).

We recommend

Travel across Kamchatka is usual develops of several stages. The routes offered on a site should not be perceived as dogma, we can group for you individual round according to your wishes. Inform us, you want to visit what places, and it is necessary to keep within what terms. We shall prepare and we shall send you the description of all travel in a combination convenient for you and we shall coordinate all arisen questions. Can inform us quantity of the days planned for visiting of Kamchatka, and we shall make to you maximum interesting travel.

Foot rounds, as a rule, are connected to ascentions of different complexity, but it is possible to make them and without ascentions. To have climbing skills or even to be in the good physical form it is necessary at an ascention on tops of volcanos: Klyuchevskaya Sopka, Krestovsky, Ushkovsky, Oval Zimin, Sharp Tolbachik and Koryak. The ascention on a volcano the Stone will demand good climbing and physical preparation. As all ascentions radial, from base camp, within one day less prepared members of group can remain in base camp. Therefore the age structure of group can be anyone: from students up to pensioners and children.

The basic part of volcanic routes passes on high mountains where it is a little mosquitoes, but good means from mosquitoes will not prevent. Especially it will be useful in lowlands and at alloys on the rivers.

In a campaign everyone bears the personal things and a share of a public cargo. The guide is not the porter and bears the part of a public cargo. In addition we can offer services of the cook and porters.

In some areas probably constant presence of the machine. Such routes at us are described in separate group. In this case a cargo on itself to drag it is not necessary.

Additional charges

The figures of cost of rounds resulted on a site include all necessary charges: transport, a feed, rent of "public" equipment, work of the guide, and for water routes on two rafts - also work of the assistant to the guide.

The present red caviar

It is not included in the specified cost:
- Air tickets in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatka and back. At a start from Saint Petersburg the ticket costs from $400 up to $900 depending on a season and congestion of flights. Time of flight of 13-15 hours, two intermediate landings (it is usual in Novosibirsk and Khabarovsk).
- Residing in Petropavlovske-Kamchatka over the days specified by way of a route. Cost of residing in city can strongly change depending on conditions of residing (hotel in limits from 15 up to 90 US dollars). It is possible to rent the apartment for small group, that will be a little bit cheaper.
- A feed in city.

Excursions on city, in museums, trips in Paratunka (pools with hot sources), on coast of Pacific ocean, etc. if are not specified by way of a route they can be ordered in addition.

On all routes if delivery by motor transport is not specified specially, stipulated. At desire it is possible to replace motor transport by helicopter. 1 hour of time of the helicopter roughly $1200 . Full loading of the helicopter - 20 person.