A valley of geysers

GeysersFrom all Kamchatka sights the Valley of geysers - the most known and unusual place. The valley is in territory of reserve Kronotskogo. She was open rather recently, in 1941. Here on a small site it is located more than 40 geysers. Each of them has the mode and gushs forth through the certain time intervals. To all geysers characteristic names are appropriated: the Giant, Sugar, Pearl, the Crack, the Fountain, Small, Big, the Cone... During excursion on the Valley you will see eruptions of several geysers which will shroud you in clouds curling the pair, a sparkling rain of drops. A usual way to a valley - helicopter.
Distance from Petropavlovska-Kamchatka on a straight line about 200 km, time in a way - about one and a half hours.
On road the helicopter does flight of volcano Karymsky which spits out clouds of ashes each 10-20 minutes, turns around of a volcano Small Semjachik with turquoise acid lake in a crater, makes intermediate landing in Uzon.


Uzon - a huge hollow in the sizes 9-12 km, formed approximately 40 thousand years ago. Uniqueness of a hollow consists in the big variety of hydrothermal displays: the mineral lakes, bubbling mud boilers, powerful columns pair from hot sources, color streams on a background of a rainbow surrounding plants, clay volcanos "in a miniature".

Small SemjachikHelicopter excursion in the Valley of geysers borrows all the day. In the Valley to you will offer the most tasty dinner with gifts of the Kamchatka ground.
Cost of usual excursion in the Valley of geysers, including a dinner, delivery in the airport and back, makes about 450 EUR
Regular excursion flights in the Valley are made during the years-autumn period. As wishing to look at geysers it is a lot of, tickets should be reserved beforehand.

Excursion in the Valley is included almost in all our years routes, the description of the majority from which you will find on page "Volcanos".
Foot routes in the Valley of geysers are possible, but payment for stay in reserve, support of group by the special instructor and observance of some other conditions demand the separate sanction to pass on reserve.

In the Valley of geysers there is a small hotel where it is possible to stop for some days.