To VIP-tourists

Лагерь у подножья ОпалыWe can prepare a route under your order, having made it from any stages of the standard rounds described on pages of a site, or having included in him other sights of Kamchatka. On Kamchatka it is a lot of surprisingly beautiful places, but almost all of them are remote enough. It and separate volcanos, mountain ridges, the rivers, islands. As a rule, delivery in such places it is carried out by helicopter, therefore cost of pleasure grows. Nevertheless, impressions from beauty of Kamchatka of that cost!

  • Commander islands.
  • Kuriles.
  • To an alive volcano (Shiveluch, Karymsky).
  • Where the leg of the European (remote northern areas of Kamchatka) did not go.
  • On tracks of geologists (on deposits, including gold).
  • The bear fishing (purposefully for shootings bears).
  • A horse route.
  • On motorcycles across Kamchatka.
  • The present sea fishing (on a trawler in the sea for a week).
  • Diving.
  • Reserves of Kamchatka.

Additional service includes also the special menu, drinks, several cooks, porters of a cargo, more comfortable vehicles and conditions of a lodging for the night, other services under your order.